Week 2 in Review: Not my Best Week

Daily averages for the week:          

Calories: Protein: Carbs: Fat: Alcohol: Fibre
2307 20% 45% 31% 4% 29g
1.68g/Kg 3.84g/Kg
Total exercise calories this week: 1831

Nutrition wise, this has not been my best week. The combination of an indulgent Friday and Saturday, coupled with being ill on Sunday, has pretty much killed all my healthy eating goals for the week. Once again I was over my target 2000 kcal per day six of the seven days this week, and I failed to get five servings of fruit and vegetables four of the seven days. The proportion of my calories coming from fat and alcohol was also higher than I’d like. On the plus side, my average amounts of protein and carbohydrate were in the right range, and I was very close to averaging the recommended 30g of fibre a day. I also hit my exercise target, working out five days this week and burning over 1800 calories. Because of this, I am not in danger of gaining any weight, but I doubt I’ll be losing any either.

This week demonstrates just how difficult it can be to stick to a healthy diet. I wouldn’t say I had a terrible diet this week – there were no fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, crisps or fast food meals, and we only ate out once. Even so, I was over my target calorie count and short on vegetables almost every day. I believe this illustrates just how unhealthy a “normal” diet is in the UK. If I, who know what I’m doing and pay attention to what I’m eating, am struggling this much, no wonder there is an epidemic of obesity and type II diabetes in this country.

The Score for 15 January:

Calories: Protein: Carbs: Sugars: Fat: Sat Fat: Fibre:  
2298 76.13g 330.85g 179.87g 72.04g 25.08g 23.00g
14% 58% 28%
Calories burned through exercise: 0


What I ate:

Time Item Amount
05:30 Snack organisation lightly salted rice crackers 50g
Hot skimmed milk 300mL
with brown sugar 10g
11:30 Centrum Multivitamin,  Vitamin E 400IU, Vitamin D 25 µg
Tap water 250mL
Scrambled eggs 115g
Genius brown sliced gluten free bread, 2 slices toasted 64g
Butter 6g
St Dalfour Raspberry fruit spread 28g
Black Tea 450mL
12:00 Boots Re-Energise vitamin tablet 1 tablet
dissolved in water 250mL
14:30 Tesco finest vine ripened tomato and lentil soup 300g
Red grapes 100g
Yakult light 65mL
15:30 Black tea with lactose free skimmed milk and sugar 450mL
Tesco free from Bramley apple pies 2 pies
20:00 Omlette made with ham, cheese and green pepper 217g
Genius brown sliced gluten free bread, 1 slice toasted 34g
St Dalfour Raspberry fruit spread 14g
21:30 Tesco sweetened dried cranberries 80g

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