Spoiling my dinner

Yesterday started well. I had stuck to my vegetarian, lactose free diet, and had plenty of fruit, vegetables and fibre. I then went for a run, which felt much harder than an easy recovery run should have done. And when I got back I was starving! So in addition to my planned post run snack, I had a large bar of chocolate as well – right before dinner! I ended up leaving half my dinner lentils on the plate, only to find myself hungry again an hour later. As I was curled up on the sofa watching movies with my husband, it was all too easy to help myself to the junk food he had bought for himself.

As enjoyable as the evening was, it does show how important meal timing is in controlling hunger. In order to keep my levels of ghrelin under control, I try to never go more than four hours without food. Yesterday I went almost five hours between meals, with a run in the middle. Thanks to my healing digestive system I already have a very healthy appetite and cravings for sweet things, so the chocolate was no surprise really. But then I wasn’t hungry for dinner so found myself snacking my way through the evening.

This also illustrates the real problem with snacking on junk food; it fills you up so you’re not hungry for healthy food. Chocolate and crisps have little protein and very few vitamins, minerals and fibre (unlike fruit and vegetables). The extra calories are bad enough, but when these foods replace a healthy meal the lack of these nutrients mean you’re hungry again soon afterwards. A lesson I learned the hard way last night!

The Score for 2 February:

Calories: Protein: Carbs: Sugars: Fat: Sat Fat: Fibre:  
2581 110.27g 300.27g 154.17g 101.13g 37.10g 51.69g  
17% 47%   36%    
Calories burned through exercise: 340      


What I ate:

Time Item Amount
08:45 Centrum Multivitamin,  Vitamin E 400IU, Vitamin D 25 µg
Tap water 250mL
Soft boiled eggs, 2 large 115g
Free From pure oats 50g
made with boiling water 250mL
Tesco mixed frozen fruits 100g
Ground flaxseeds 10g
Black tea 450mL
10:00 Decaf black tea 450mL
12:30 BOL Sri Lankan Sambar with added spinach leaves 345g
Lactofree skimmed milk 250mL
Yakult light 65mL
Fresh Mango 95g
13:15 Fresh ginger tea with a splash of lemon juice and 1 tsp honey 250mL
15:15 20 min recovery run + stretching session
17:15 Natures Path Mesa Sunrise cereal 50g
with Lactofree skimmed milk 200mL
Plums, 2 large 160g
18:00 Galaxy caramel chocolate bar 135g
19:00 Poached trout 93g
Merchant gourmet ready to eat beluga lentils 77g
Broccoli, microwaved 78g
Tesco tartare sauce 18g
20:00-22:00 Walkers Wotsits cheese snacks 65g

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