Diet diary analysis and bespoke nutrition recommendations

Whether you are an elite athlete looking to qualify for the World Championships or a recreational runner looking to lose a few pounds, investing in your nutrition can make it happen! A typical nutrition analysis package includes:

  • Detailed analysis of your food and training diary including energy, macronutrient, vitamin and mineral requirements
  • Personalised advice on areas that need improvement to meet your goals
  • Specific food, drink and meal ideas to get you there
  • Supplement recommendations to address any specific deficiencies
  • Weekly e-mail support to monitor progress
  • Follow up face to face consultation 4-6 weeks later

Creation of bespoke weekly menus to reach your goals

Translating the science of what to eat to meet your goals into actual food can be difficult. What not let us do it for you? I can create a bespoke weekly meal plan based on a client’s diet diary analysis, training goals and food preferences. A typical diet plan package includes:

  • Creation of a seven day plan including all meals, snacks and drinks
  • Weekly shopping lists and recipes
  • Advice on which meals to eat when to optimise energy during workouts and recovery afterwards
  • E-mail support throughout the week to help with implementation
  • An end of week review meeting, so see which areas worked well, and which need improvement

Body Composition Analysis

Body composition refers to the percentage of your body which is fat versus muscle and bone. Many people become fixated on their weight, when they should really be worried about their level of body fat. As a Level 1 ISAK practitioner, I can use a variety of techniques, including skinfolds, to accurately measure and track changes in both muscle and body fat.

Workshops and Presentations

I am an experienced coach, educator and public speaker. A variety of workshops, presentations and talks on evidence based performance nutrition can be tailored to your specific needs and delivered wherever you are. Examples include pre-competition nutrition, in competition fuelling strategies, recovery plans, nutrition to support the immune system, and effective supplementation.

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