The real danger for the travelling coeliac

What happens when a coeliac eats something with gluten?


Earlier this week I wrote about the difficulties faced by coeliacs when they travel. However, I didn’t mention the biggest danger when travelling: being given something with gluten, either by mistake or by ignorance. Unfortunately, today I lost the restaurant roulette. In this case, I will bet any amount of money that the hotel restaurant toasted my gluten free bread in a toaster covered in regular bread crumbs. I was much less sick than last time, so I’m pretty sure it’s a contamination issue, rather than being given the wrong thing.

I had just finished my lunch (eaten on a train) when the stomach cramps began, and was very grateful to get home before the serious stomach upset kicked in. Rather than getting back into training and posting all my diet diary blogs, I spent yesterday afternoon in the bathroom. By 4pm I was craving sugar and well enough to try some toast, but then my appetite vanished. I can now look forward to a couple of days of a tender tummy, sugar cravings and feeling tired.

I was planning on cleaning up my diet as soon as I got back home, to make up for all the indulgent foods I’ve had this past week. Looks like that will include a few days of being lactose free and vegetarian as well, while I wait for my insides to heal again.




The Score for 2 February:

Calories: Protein: Carbs: Sugars: Fat: Sat Fat: Fibre:  
1748 67.25g 220.54g 114.00g 62.40g 14.03g 47.10g
16% 51% 33%
Calories burned through exercise: 0

What I ate:

Time Item Amount
09:00 Centrum Multivitamin,  Vitamin E 400IU, Vitamin D 25 µg
Tap water 250mL
Poached eggs 2 large
Seeded gluten free bread, toasted 2 slices
with butter 7g
and Raspberry jam 20g
Black Tea 500mL
11:00 Starbucks steamed skimmed milk with vanilla shot Tall
12:00 M & S Nourish Bowl edamame & black rice 1 bowl
Pear about 150g
16:15 Genius brown sliced gluten free bread, 2 slices toasted 67g
with SunPat crunchy peanut butter 35g
and honey 18g
Decaf black tea 300mL
18:15 Homemade Carrot, coriander and lentil soup 350g
Yakult light 65mL
Dried apricots 50g
21:00 Twinnings camomile and spiced apple tea 250mL

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