Keeping the fat off

I took a trip up to London on Monday for my first BodPod appointment in three months. I wanted to get an accurate reading of my body composition (proportion of muscle, fat and bone in the body) before I start seriously training for the Tough Mudder in September.

A BodPod uses air displacement to measure the volume of your body. Coupled with your height and weight, this is then used to calculate your density. Since muscle, fat and bone have different densities, your total density can be used to find your body composition. In order to ensure an accurate comparison, I always have my appointment at 11am after eating the same breakfast, and not having eaten or drunk anything in the two hours before.

My BodPod results are:

Jan. 30 Feb. 27 Mar.27 June 19
Weight: 64.7 Kg 63.4 Kg 62.7 Kg 62.5 kg
Lean mass: 44.9 Kg 44.8 Kg 45.5 Kg 45.8 Kg
Fat mass: 19.8 Kg 18.6 Kg 17.2 Kg 16.7 Kg
Body fat percentage: 30.7% 29.4 % 27.5 % 26. 7%

Needless to say, I am delighted that I have lost some more body fat! Particularly given how much things have changed since March. In the past two months I’ve spent two weeks travelling around the UK, followed shortly afterwards by a trip to Canada for a funeral. On both these trips there was a fair amount of eating out. What’s more, the hot weather, first in Canada and since I’ve been back in the UK, means my consumption of ice cream has skyrocketed. Plus, as I am no longer doing the daily diet diary, I am not paying as much attention to what and how much I’m eating. My irregular schedule also means that while some exercise has been happening, it’s not nearly the amount as before.

However, it appears I was doing enough exercise to keep my metabolism high. Strangely, the hot weather and stress in my life may have contributed to keeping the body fat off.  I’ve had less of an appetite lately, and the travel and irregular schedule means I didn’t always eat my usual 4-5 times a day. It looks like I’ve inadvertently created a calorie deficit.

The problem is I know I have not been getting as much fruit, veg, fish and wholegrains as I usually do. This means that treats like ice cream are a much bigger percentage of my diet. And I’ve really noticed an effect on my health. By the time I got back from Canada the jet lag, poor food and lack of exercise had resulted in a serious asthma flare up. I also had my shoulder seize up, despite doing no exercise, which my physio identified as a stress and inflammatory response, rather than an injury.

So while randomly eating whatever came to hand whenever I was hungry did keep the weight off, it’s not really a strategy I would recommend!

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