January in Review

On the scale:                     1 Jan.                 1 Feb.

Morning weight:               65.5 Kg             65.2 kg

Evening weight:                66.5kg               66.0 kg

Morning body fat:           30.0%                 28.0%

Evening body fat:             31.4%                30.4%


Measurements:                     1 Jan.                 1 Feb.

Bust:                                             33.5″                   34″

Waist:                                           27.5″                  27.5″

Belly:                                            32″                       33″

Hips:                                             40.5″                  40.5″

Thigh:                                          24″                       24″

In my first diet diary post I stated one of my goals was to lose 3kg of body fat by April first, to get my body fat below 25%. While I’ve lost a bit of weight in January, it’s not the kilogram I was hoping for. I may have lost one percent body fat, but the tape measurements show no change, so I don’t trust that number. Having said that, when I had the BodPod assessment a couple of days ago, my body fat reading was 30.7%, so I believe the Tanita scale evening body fat of 30.4% is fairly accurate.

Unfortunately the desired fat loss hasn’t happened for a whole variety of reasons. My base diet in January was higher in fat and calories than I thought, so I struggled to keep my total calories down, even when I wasn’t indulging in junk food or sweet treats. I had a serious gluten poisoning, which threw me off my normal diet for several days and produced intense cravings. I then had a week where I couldn’t seem to avoid the treats, and now I’m travelling and eating out all the time.

All of these things are manageable, but I underestimated the size of the challenge. If I am going to stay on target to get the fat down by April first, then I need to plan my meals much more carefully.


The Score for 1 February:

Calories: Protein: Carbs: Sugars: Fat: Sat Fat: Fibre: Alcohol:
2505 122.82g 292.65g 168.63g 76.12g 26.23g 34.73g 20.00g
20% 47%   27%   6%
Calories burned through exercise: 0      


What I ate:

Time Item Amount
09:00 Centrum Multivitamin,  Vitamin E 400IU, Vitamin D 25 µg
Tap water 250mL
Poached eggs 2 large
Free From pure oats 50g
made with boiling water 250mL
topped with sultanas 25g
and ground flaxseed 10g
Black Tea 500mL
12:15 Beef stew about 200g
with mashed potatoes about 200g
Mixed vegetables about 100g
Black tea 300mL
14:15 Gluten free chocolate cake 1 slice
Black tea 300mL
16:30 Pear about 150g
Joe & Sephs salted caramel popcorn 40g
20:00 Roast turkey breast about 150g
Roast potatoes five halves
Cooked carrots 1 large spoonful
Cooked peas 1 large spoonful
Gravy about 50mL
Cranberry sauce about 1 tbsp
Apple sauce about 1 tbsp
Rekorderlig wild berries cider 1 pint


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