Healthy Eating on Budget

Tip 1: Have a Plan

Tip 2: Make your own meals

Tip 3: Make your own snacks

Tip 4: Choose natural, minimally processed foods

Tip 5: Learn to love your freezer

Tip 6: Make big re-usable food

Tip 7: Mind the drinks

Tip 8: Cut down on alcohol

Tip 9: Cut down on junk food

Tip 10: Eat less red and processed meat

Tip 11: Become a part-time vegetarian

Tip 12: Eat what’s in season

Tip 13: You don’t need superfoods to be healthy

Tip 14: Swap big brands for own brands

Tip 15: Avoid the grocery store

Tip 16: Be wary of supermarket offers

Healthy eating on a budget: Bringing it all together

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