Falling prey to the junk food beast

Following my macro review at the start of August, I’ve been keeping a diet diary off and on over the past two weeks. It really is the only way to see if I’m hitting all my targets. And this time the results are a mixed bag. In short, I’ve developed a nasty junk food habit.

The good news is that I am hitting most of my macro targets. I’m getting at least 1.6 g of protein per Kg of bodyweight per day, and most days I’m getting over 2g. What’s more, it’s well spaced out throughout the day, so I should be getting a muscle building bump every few hours. When it comes to carbohydrates, I’m averaging over 4.5g of carbohydrates per Kg of bodyweight. This is slightly less than my 5g per Kg per day target. I’m also managing to keep the fat down around 60g per day most days.

Sadly this means my energy intake has been much more variable. I’m only getting above 2600 kcal a day half the time, with the rest of the days in the 2200-2400 kcal range. The one day I did get more than my 2700 kcal target was on Saturday night, when we had a massive Chinese take away meal. As I’ve discussed before, commercial Chinese food can be an absolute fat and sugar bomb. Not the sort of healthy calories I was looking for!

In fact, all of the days I’ve gone over 2400 kcal are ones where I had some form of junk food, whether pizza in a restaurant or millionaire shortbread squares at home. Over the past two weeks I’ve had a dinner out or some form of cake  9 of 14 days! And when I say dinner out we’re talking burgers, pizza or Chinese, not healthier options.  So despite my stated intention of cleaning up my diet last week, I’ve clearly been struggling to put it into practice. And judging by the way my jeans fit I’m certainly not getting any leaner.

Time to follow my own advice and look for healthier ways to up my calorie intake!

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