Every Meal Counts

One popular diet method that keeps popping up is the idea of severe calorie restriction at certain times (think Slimfast’s plan of replacing all meals before 6pm with a diet shake) or days (such as the 5:2 diet where you fast two days of the week).  While I know these methods can work for some people, the problem I have is that when you do get to eat a normal meal again, most people go way overboard. Not only do they eat far more than they would if they hadn’t been fasting, but research shows they are more likely to reach for high fat and high sugar foods. And one large meal can certainly blow your entire calorie budget for the day.

This is an example of that kind of day. At 5pm I was at 1430kcal for the day, leaving a good 550 calories for dinner, and pretty balanced in terms of my macronutrients. But then my husband and I were both too tired to cook so decided on a grocery store ready meal with wine. And my usual 500 kcal dinner became 873 kcal, 26% from alcohol, with few vegetables. This meant I did not reach most of my daily goals for total energy intake, servings of fruit and vegetables, fibre, etc. Eating well for three of my four meals was not enough to offset one ill planned large evening meal.  Clearly every meal counts.

The Score:

Calories: Protein: Carbs: Sugars: Fat: Sat Fat: Fibre: Alcohol:
2302 108.23g 229.95g 97.00g 76.04g 19.97g 27.36g 33.34g
20% 40%   30%   10%
Calories burned through exercise: 384      


What I ate:

Time Item Amount
07:30 Centrum Multivitamin,  Vitamin E 400IU, Vitamin D 25 µg
Tap water 250mL
Soft boiled eggs, 2 large 125g
Free From pure oats 50g
made with boiling water 250mL
Tesco mixed frozen fruits 100g
Ground flaxseeds 10g
Black tea 450mL
10:30 Fresh ginger tea with a splash of lemon juice and 1 tsp honey 250mL
12:45 Chicken and roasted butternut squash risotto 325g
Roasted butternut squash 100g
Yakult light 65mL
Black tea with semi-skimmed milk and sugar 450mL
15:15 20 min recovery run + stretching session
16:30 Genius brown sliced gluten free bread, 1 slice toasted 34g
Sunpat crunchy peanut butter 17g
Honey 5g
Granny smith apple 116g
Hot chocolate made with skimmed milk, 300mL
The Raw Chocolate co fairtrade organic cacao powder 10g
and brown sugar 10g
20:00 Tesco finest chicken and chorizo paella 335g
Red wine, 2 small glasses 300mL
Extra mature cheddar cheese 40g

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