Sports Nutrition and Supplements

Sports nutrition is all about using an athlete’s diet to help them meet their sporting goals. This could be finishing their first marathon or winning a gold medal at the World Champs. The first step is always to ensure they are eating a healthy diet. Once that is sorted, we then look at sport specific nutrition strategies and targeted supplements. On this page you will find blog posts about various sports nutrition strategies, from the timing of meals to rehydration, as well as information on the most common supplements.

Eating for a Marathon Series:

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Eating for a Marathon: Using Fats as Fuel

Eating for a Marathon: Weight Loss

Eating for a Marathon: Carb Loading

Eating for a Marathon: Eating Enough


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Sports Nutrition Strategies:

Fat Adaptation: How to do it

Fat adaptation: Should you consider it?

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The Recovery Meal: The most important meal of the day

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Types of weight lost

Salt basics

Using salts to rehydrate

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The hows and whys of snacking: When to eat

Dehydration: More than just water

Oestrogen: Not just for women

Testosterone: Not just for men

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Do we need vitamin E?

Why I take a vitamin D supplement

Timing it right for maximum energy

How to measure body fat

Training Periodization (or resting to get fitter)

Staying active is about more than just exercise

Time your meals to maximise your workout

 Energy In and Out