Fat Loss


For long-term fat loss, think slow and steady

Choose nutrient dense fruits and vegetables

To get lean, don’t forget the fibre!

To lose fat, avoid processed foods

Why protein is king for a lean, toned physique


Diet Myth 1: There is one diet that will work for everyone

Diet Myth 2: One macronutrient is making you fat

Diet Myth 3: One superfood will make you skinny

Diet Myth 4: Limiting when you eat means you can eat whatever you want

Diet Myth 5: Toxic foods are making you fat


This is a series I did in January 2018, which really condenses the keys to successful fat loss into bite sized tips.

Minimising the damage at Christmas

The first step for successful fat loss: Goal setting

Step 2: Measure the right things at the right time

Tip 3: Keep a food diary

Tip 4: Have a plan

Tip 5: Make junk food the hard choice

Tip 6: Pick the diet that works for you

Tip 7: Get active!

Tip 8: Eat more protein

Tip 9: Fill up with fibre

Tip 10: Drink more water

Tip  11: Eat more fruits and vegetables

Tip 12: Eat more nuts

Tip 13: Don’t give up the dairy!

Tip 14: Switch to complex carbohydrates

Tip 15: Get your family on board

Tip 16: Avoid the supermarket

Tip 17: Watch less TV

Tip 18: Manage your stress levels

Tip 19: Get enough sleep

Tip 20: Get moving

Tip 21: Eat every 3-4 hours to control hunger

Tip 22: Cut down, but don’t eliminate, junk foods

Tip 23: Be aware of your domino foods 

Tip 24: Cut down on processed foods

Tip 25: Mind the alcohol!

Tip 26: Use sugar strategically

Tip 27: Broaden your food horizons

Tip 28: Embrace the cold

Tip 29: Mind your serving sizes

Tip 30: Fat loss is a long game


When I first started the daily diet diary blog on January first 2017, one of my primary goals was to lose 3 Kg of body fat. As such, there was a strong focus on fat loss strategies and all the various factors that can influence whether we gain or lose weight. Having blogged about my diet daily for more then three months, this means a lot of posts about fat loss! Included are all the posts about my personal fat loss journey, the good, the bad and the Chinese food. The most recent posts are listed first, but you may want to start at the bottom of this list and work your way up. Or you can simply dip in and out of posts which appear interesting or relevant to you.

Won’t more carbohydrates make you fat?

Making Lemonade by Switching Sports

The problem with body composition (bioelectrical impedance) scales

Change attitudes to change bodies

Falling prey to the junk food beast

Why is junk food so bad for you?

Ketogenic Diets – Just don’t go there!

Supplements: The biggest risk to your sporting career

Fat Adaptation: How to do it

Fat adaptation: Should you consider it?

Losing weight, but not in a good way

Is bread good or bad?

Keeping the fat off

The problem with evidence and individuality

1 June 2017 Weight and measurements (or Stress shows up on my belly)

Why stress shows up on the waistline

Why doesn’t more exercise lead to weight loss?

Is a vegetarian diet healthier?

The problem with eliminating dairy

Goal achieved!

For weight loss, focus on high volume foods!

All you ever wanted to know about gut bacteria and more!

What are probiotics?

Losing the fat

Types of weight lost

 When simple sugars are called for

 A much better diet week

The hows and whys of snacking: What to eat

The hows and whys of snacking: When to eat

Cortisol: The reason stress makes you fat

Oestrogen: Not just for women

Testosterone: Not just for men

Missing my targets

Old habits resurfacing

The Chinese food calorie bomb

 Comfort eating my way out of a bad mood

Healthy does not mean low calorie!

Drinking my calories

Coconut: The pros and cons

February in Review

Trying to eat my way out of a late night

Getting the body fat down!

Counting up the hidden sugars

The problem with coconut

Timing it right for maximum energy

Suffering from poor nutrient timing

Finding balance

Getting back on track after chocolates

Best week yet!

Peptide YY: Another tool for weight loss

Birthday excesses

Opening the black box

Insulin and fat loss

What does insulin actually do?

Leptin: Another reason you struggle to lose weight

Enjoying food and life

Spoiling my dinner

Introducing the hunger hormone: Ghrelin

1 February 2017 – January in Review

How to measure body fat

Missing the energy target

The domino effect

How much fat?

Monkey see, monkey do

Big Re-Useable Food: The solution to healthy eating for one

For weight loss success, get your family on board

Staying active is about more than just exercise

The coffee shop problem

Why everyone should eat more nuts

Fight sugar cravings with protein

Plenty of sugar, but not on a high

15 January 2017 – Week 2 in Review: Not my Best Week

Every Meal Counts

For a healthy diet, avoid the grocery store

Make junk food the hard choice

Two steps forward, one step back

Reviewing the first week

 Macronutrients: Fat basics

Marcronutrients: Simplifying complex carbohydrates

Macronutrients: The power of protein


Failure to plan is planning to fail

Energy In and Out

1 January 2017 – Starting weight and measurements