Originally from Canada, my academic background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Alberta and an MBA from the University of Wales. After completing my MBA, I started my own sports supplement company, importing and selling a full range of sports nutrition products from Switzerland. We sponsored several elite athletes, mainly cyclists and triathletes, and I found myself advising them not just on which products to use but how to manage their whole diet to get the best results. I was fascinated by the science of nutrition and found helping athletes achieve their goals far more satisfying than selling product. I left the company to retrain as a sports nutritionist and in 2016 was awarded a Master of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University.

Through my work as a sprints coach for the Loughborough University Student Athletics club, I have come to know many of the athletes and coaches at the British Athletics National Performance Institute. I have worked with high level javelin throwers, hurdlers and sprinters (including a talented para athlete with cerebral palsy). Often my advice will be sought by coaches to assist an athlete in gaining muscle or losing fat, without compromising performance. As no one plan will suit every athlete, I have developed a variety of nutrition strategies to help them meet their weight and body composition goals.

I am also the sports nutritionist for the Loughborough Foxes, a women’s premier league football club. As such, I do presentations to the team and staff on general healthy eating as well as sports nutrition strategies for maximising football performance. I also provide diet analysis and recommendations to individual players, based on the player’s training needs, current diet, and goals.

Unwell for many years, I was finally medically diagnosed as a Coeliac in 2008, and felt so much better on the gluten free diet that I took up distance running and later, javelin throwing. My experience allows  me to specialise in diet plans for athletes with special nutrition needs such as vegan, lactose intolerant, and of course, gluten free.


I use an evidence based approach to sports nutrition, only recommending strategies that have been scientifically tested and proven. My goal is not only to improve my clients’ diet, but to educate them on the basics of healthy eating and the right nutrition strategies to support their training.


ISAK Level 1 anthropometrist


UK Anti-Doping Advisor


Athletics Coach in Sprints and Hurdles

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Bachelor of Science degree with distinction in Biology

Bachelor of Education degree with distinction in Secondary Education

Master of Science degree with distinction in Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Professional Memberships:


Full practitioner member on the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register


Member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences